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E-commerce Policy


The Customer (the website) recognizes that the image of Company (James Hare) requires a high degree of personal expertise from the Customer and must provide a high-end experience in keeping with the reputation and image of the Company.

Due to the service requirements and customer experience required by the Company to maintain the quality and image of the Company, it is not appropriate for the Company’s products to be sold solely using the internet or mail order and the customer must market the products from at least one bricks and mortar physical location.

The Customer is only permitted to sell, promote or market the Company’s goods online if the Customer complies with the following guidelines of the Company:

  • The Customer must operate the online site in which goods are sold, marketed or promoted (the “Site”)
  • The Customer must apply for permission in writing from The Company to sell Company products on line.
  • The Site trade and domain names must incorporate the trading name of the Customer as provided to the Company for the purposes of opening its trade account.
  • The Customer will pay £1 per sample ordered and can only send samples within the United Kingdom.
    Without prejudice to the Customer’s right to determine the price at which it sells the goods, the Customer should not give the impression that any goods being promoted for sales on the site are available from the site at discounted or reduced prices.
  • The Customer may use the internet to promote, market and sell products to Buyers who are located within the Europe Economic Area (EEA). The Customer agrees that it shall not sell the Products whether actively or passively, via the internet to Buyers located outside the EEA
  • Any goods advertised on the same webpage as the Company’s goods, must not harm the Company or its brand’s image, reputation or prestige. All advertising material must be sent to the Company prior to being posted on the site and must be consistent with the Company’s standard for on-line advertising.
  • Any pictures on the site of the Company’s goods must be an accurate representation of the Company’s goods and must be shown in a way that is consistent with the image, reputation and prestige of the Company.
  • Links or hyper-text to other sites outside of those of the Company or other authorized resellers must not appear on the site. Any advertisements or banners on the site must not harm the Company’s image, reputation or prestige.
  • The Customer will comply with all other guidelines as to the appearance and look and feel of the Site requested by the Company from time to time.
  • The Customer must provide the highest standard of service to its own customers and potential customers and that service will be consistent with the level of service that it provides in its own retail outlets.
  • The Customer must provide reasonable advance notice to the Company before making any goods available on the Site and provide the Company with sufficient time to consider and approve the use of its brand on that site together with any representations of or reference to the Company’s goods.
  • The Customer must not register or maintain any domain names and/or bid on search engine advertising keywords containing the Company’s name without prior written approval of the Company and the Customer must notify the Company in writing prior to commencing the use of the Website and give the Company a reasonable period of time to approve the manner in which the Company’s name is used on the Site and the appearance of any of the Company’s goods on the Site.
  • Any reference to the Company’s brand name or any image may only be used on the Site with the Company’s prior written approval.
  • The Customer is not allowed to sell products outside of the country of registration.

Should the Customer not comply with any of these conditions, the Company reserves the right to close the Customer’s account and may terminate any account with immediate effect.

24th June 2020

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