The history of the 'House of Hare'



The story of James Hare is one of small beginnings. With nothing but experience and an understanding of the needs of the tailoring trade, James began the business single-handedly distributing cloth bought from small weavers.


History of Hare PDF James Hare with his employees
The original James Hare

- The founder, James Hare

The original James Hare The original James Hare The original James Hare The original James Hare
James Hare sets up in a cottage on Clare Street, Leeds, purchasing odd fabric lengths and selling to train drivers or guards who in turn sold them to London tailors.
The company moves into a Leeds city centre warehouse as it develops into a bona fide woollen merchants.
The horse and carriage logo is designed. The original version shows the founder, James Hare, travelling to the office every day from his home, accompanied by his wife Mary Ellen and daughters Florrie and Kate.
Arthur and Clifford Hare, the founder’s sons, join the business.
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