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23rd July 2016

Orissa and Connaught Silk

Orissa Silk 1&2
James Hare's Orissa silk has been a staple with designers for many years and now it is available in 214 shades at 140cms wide.  Dupion is the most popular silk in the world, the unique beauty is in the weave, which due to its handwoven nature has irregular slubs running across the fabric.  The palette shows James Hare's matchless expertise with colour, the vast range spans everything from subtle tones to rich classics and zingy splashes of colour.  Ideal for drapery and accent decorating details, it is the perfect fabric for wallcoverings.

Normal Book Price Discount Book Price Normal Hanger Price Discount Hanger Price

£60.00 £45.00 £30.00 £22.50
€75.00 €56.25 €40.00 €30.00

Connaught Silk 2
One of James Hare's best loved plains blending the luxurious fibres of silk and merino wool to create a fabric with streamline drape and subtle sheen.  Seventeen new colours have been introduced ranging from versatile neutrals to jewel accent shades.

Normal Book Price Discount Book Price Normal Hanger Price Discount Hanger Price

£30.00 £22.50 £30.00 £22.50 
€40.00 €30.00 €40.00 €30.00


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