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25th July 2016


Constellation is a decorative collection comprising entirely of jacquard designs inspired by the wonders of the night sky.  The fabrics are perfect for curtains, upholstery, blinds, lampshades, cushions, wallcoverings and other decorative detailing.

Inspired by the soft markings on the feather of an eagle after which the Aquila constellation is named.  This striking fabric is ideal for drapery.

A sumptuous, decorative jacquard adding a touch of sophistication to an interior.  The merging colourways mask a subtle stripe design available in elegant neutrals along with splashes of bright bold shades.

Lyra Stripe
A serene, vertical ombré stripe.  The bands of colour merge together, graduating harmoniously from light to dark and back again.  The fluid shades gently flow across the fabric ensuring this design is calming and elegant.

Just as its namesake, the Orion design aligns itself effortlessly within the collection.  Available in warm and cool metallic shades the fabric is equally at home in both traditional or contemporary surroundings.  It has a Martindale rub of 20,000.   

Normal Book Price Discount Book Price Hanger by Design Discount Hanger Price
£60.00 £45.00 £30.00 £22.50


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