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5th December 2015

Elements-Neutral Faux Silk

This contemporary collection of faux silks is presented in four qualites in a refined selection of neutral tones.  Possessing the appearance of pure silk combined with the benefit of mixed composition fabrics, James Hare faux silks are durable and affordable, giving a wonderful look designed to withstand the rigours of modern living.  Ideal for soft furnishings and upholstery use in kitchens, bathrooms and virtually all other areas of the home, faux silks have enhanced resistance to sunlight, watermarks and moisture. 

Beautifully textured satin with a soft ripple effect, this faux silk is extremely tactile and ideal for soft furnishing and upholstery usage, with a Martindale rub of 50,000.

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Possessing the hallmark crisp, smooth, plain weave of silk taffeta, this polyester version boasts a wonderfully authentic look and feel.  Suitable for soft furnishings and lampshades.

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Soft to the touch yet exceptionally hardwearing, this plain faux silk satin has a gentle lustre that adds sophistication and elegance to any scheme.  Suitable for soft furnishings and upholstery, with a Martindale rub of 33,000.

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